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So many questions, and we have answers! Are military divorces different from civilian?

As a member of the Armed Forces, Family Law Court will be very similar to that of a civilian. However, there are some issues that are important for your attorney to understand.

Common concerns of our military clients include visitation, relocation by the mother or father, and accurate calculation of child support and many more.

Common concerns for military clients include:

  • What happens to my MILITARY RETIRED PAY if I file for divorce?
  • Can I make a claim against my spouses’ THRIFT SAVINGS PLAN if I file for divorce?
  • What happens to my MILITARY PENSION AND RETIREMENT BENEFITS if I file for divorce?
  • Can I obtain full CUSTODY OF MY CHILDREN if my active military spouse is temporarily deployed?
  • How will the SERVICEMEMBERS CIVIL RELIEF ACT (SCRA) help me protect my rights during my divorce?
  • How do I and my children qualify for TRICARE coverage?
  • How does the Military calculate CHILD SUPPORT for active-duty military service members without a Court Order?